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Maryland Cocaine Laws

maryland cocaine lawsCocaine is one of the most commonly used street drugs in Maryland. It is used by college students, adults and teenagers. According to the Maryland Controlled Dangerous Substance Act cocaine, or coke or blow, is a Schedule II drug. This means that coke has a high potential for abuse and also has medical uses. There are a number of different cocaine crimes you can be charged with in Maryland. Please contact our Maryland drug crime attorneys for a free case review.

Ellicott City, Maryland Cocaine Crime Attorney Paul E. Mack is located in Howard County, MD. He serves those facing cocaine possession, cocaine DUI and other cocaine related crimes in the Anne Arundel, Carroll, Baltimore and Howard County areas.

Maryland Cocaine Crime Mandatory Minimum Sentences

Charges related to cocaine sale, possession and use can be felony or misdemeanor charges. These laws and penalties are outlined in Maryland Criminal Code, Criminal Law § 5-601.

Our Columbia drug crime attorneys will do whatever they can to have your drug charges dropped or dismissed. At the very least they will attempt to keep you out of jail and your charges banished to misdemeanors. Each case is different and many factors come into play so call now to discuss your case.

Possession of cocaine is a misdemeanor in Maryland. You are facing a mandatory minimum penalty of up to 4 yrs. and/or $25,000; Bringing 28 g. into state: felony with penalty of up to $50,000 and/or 25 yrs.; Subsequent offenses equal double penalties.

Sale of cocaine in Maryland is a felony with penalty of 20 yrs. and/or $25,000; Sale of more than 448 g. or 50 g. of crack: not less than 40 yrs.; Subsequent offense: double penalties; 2 yrs. mandatory, not less than 10 yr. sentence; Third offense: not less than 40 yrs. Sale to minors or near school property: stricter penalties.

Cocaine trafficking charges in Maryland are very harsh and include minimum sentences such a prison term of 20-40 yrs. and/or $1,000,000 fine.

How To Beat Maryland Cocaine Possession And DUI Charges

To be blunt you cannot beat them without the help of a Maryland cocaine defense attorney. We will thoroughly review your case and immediately make sure your Constitutional Rights and Civil Rights were protected. This means we will make sure the cop had probable cause to pull you over and or legally search you, your property or vehicle. Our Baltimore cocaine crime attorneys will also make sure that your MIranda Rights were read to you.

From there they will build a solid defense calling into question whether the drugs were real or not, did they belong to you and what did you intend to do with the drugs? Our MD cocaine DUI lawyers are expert negotiators and routinely plea down cocaine crimes from felonies to misdemeanors. If you are looking at misdemeanor coke possession charges they will attempt to have them dropped or dismissed.

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Let our Annapolis, Maryland criminal attorneys get you through this. They offer free consults and serve all of Central Maryland.


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