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Maryland Domestic Violence Laws

Domestic Violence Attorneys In Maryland

maryland domestic violence lawsDomestic violence is a very common crime in Maryland. There are different levels of domestic violence and they are related to peace orders and protective orders. It is based in family law, assault, stalking, menacing, terroristic threatening and sexual assault. Where the domestic aspect comes in is it is always assault against a partner, lover, husband, wife, boyfriend or girlfriend. Maryland domestic violence laws are strict and if the cops are called to your residence, or wherever the incident took place, one of those involved will have to move out and abide by a restraining order. If you are facing domestic violences charges or are named in a Maryland restraining order, peace order or protective order please contact our Maryland criminal defense attorneys handling domestic violence cases.

Maryland Mandatory Minimum Stalking Sentences And Penalties

  • Assault – intentionally causing physical injury to another is punished by up to 25 years in prison
  • Rape or Sexual Offenses – forced and other non-consensual sexual intercourse or other sexual acts can be punished by up to life imprisonment
  • False Imprisonment – holding someone against their will is a common law misdemeanor in Maryland (i.e. there’s no statute describing a maximum sentences)
  • Stalking – Pursuing someone and placing them in reasonable fear of assault, rape, false imprisonment, or death is a misdemeanor crime with up to 5 years in prison or a $5,000 fine

How To Beat Maryland Domestic Violence Charges

These are very serious charges and even misdemeanor charges are difficult to beat. Our Columbia domestic violence lawyers can help minimize the consequences of your pending charges. Factors such as previous criminal history, previous violent crime convictions and others come into play when trying to have your charges dropped or dismissed.

Domestic violence convictions can also result in loss of job and a change in child custody status. Do not go through this alone. Let our Annapolis violent crime defense attorneys help you.

Contact Our Maryland Domestic Violence Defense Attorneys

To discuss your Maryland stalking case please contact our Baltimore, Maryland criminal defense attorneys for a free case evaluation. Serving the Annapolis, Baltimore, Columbia, Ellicott City, Fort Meade, Jessup, Scaggsville, Severna Park and Westminster, MD areas.

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