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Maryland Expungement Laws

Attorneys Handling Expungements In Maryland

maryland expungement lawsIf you have been convicted of a crime you are most likely concerned about how the conviction and blemished criminal record will impact you in the future. Even convictions of a misdemeanor such as a DUI, DWI, assault or drug crime can follow you around for years. Your ability to get a job, housing and see your children can all be negatively impacted if you have a criminal record.  If you are a juvenile you may not be able to get your license on time and your ability to go to college after high school may be impacted. Fortunately, Maryland expungement laws exist and after a certain period of time many criminal convictions can be expunged. This means that it can no longer be seen or accessed by the courts or law enforcement as the records are removed. Please call our Maryland expungement lawyers for a free case review.

To speak with our Columbia Maryland expungement attorneys please click here. They serve all of Anne Arundel County, Baltimore County, Baltimore City, Carroll County and Howard County.

Crimes That Can Be Expunged In Maryland

Maryland expungement laws apply to both adult and juvenile cases. Some of the more common crimes expunged are misdemeanor assault charges, DUI, DWI, prostitution, theft, and minor drug offenses such as marijuana possession. For the most part expungements are a one time deal. it does  not do you much good to have your record expunged and then go commit other crimes.

Is It Possible To Have DUI Charges Expunged In Maryland?

Yes and no. What happens in court essentially dictates whether or not your case can be expunged. If your case resulted in a probation before judgment (PBJ) or you pled guilty to the DUI or DWI charge you cannot have the impaired driving charges expunged.

If your case was dismissed, the charges were dropped (aka you beat the charges), your charges were marked ‘Stet’, ‘Nollo Prosequi’ or you were found not guilty you may be able to have your DUI or DWI charges expunged. Contact our Glen Burnie DUI expungement attorneys for a free case review.

Can Felonies Be Expunged In Maryland?

As of October 1, 2018 many felony charges can be expunged. These include theft, home invasion, possession of a controlled substance with intent to distribute and burglary. The wait time to have these crimes expunged is 15 years under current Maryland expungement laws. It is wise to connect with our Annapolis expungement attorneys to discuss how they can help you with this process.

Timeframes For Expungements In Maryland

In Maryland, once a certain amount of time has passed you can file to have your record expunged. These timeframes are usually 3, 4, 5, 10 or 15 year increments. The more serious the crime the longer the time it takes until it can be expunged. And again, ideally you will have stayed out of trouble the entire time. Regardless, please contact our Baltimore criminal defense attorneys handling expungement cases. They are very familiar with Maryland expungement laws and will handle the entire filing and petitioning process for you.

Our Ellicott City expungement lawyers serve many parts of Maryland including the Annapolis, Baltimore, Columbia, Essex, Ellicott City, Elkridge, Westminster, Scaggsville, North Laurel & Savage areas.




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