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Maryland Mandatory Sentencing Guidelines

Mandatory Minimum Sentences In Maryland

mandatory minimum sentencing guidelinesAccording to Maryland laws, there are strict mandatory minimum sentences, particularly for repeat offenders. A mandatory minimum sentence means a judge has absolutely no discretion and must hand down at least a certain number of years in jail. For example, for certain drug crimes a second offense could mean a mandatory minimum sentence of 10 years in jail without parole. You need the help of an attorney who knows the Maryland legal system and Maryland mandatory sentencing guidelines.

If you have been charged with a crime, especially if this is your second offense, you need to discuss your case with an experienced Maryland criminal defense attorney who is very familiar with Maryland mandatory sentencing guidelines. Columbia, Maryland Criminal Defense Attorney Paul Mack is a highly skilled criminal defense attorney with many years of criminal defense experience. He has extensive knowledge in successfully defending individuals facing criminal charges, including felonies, drug crimes, DUI, DWI and violent crimes.

Know your rights and the mandatory sentence you could be facing. Please contact our Howard County criminal defense law offices to schedule a free initial consultation.

Severe Mandatory Minimum Sentences in Maryland

Especially if this is your first offense, you need to understand how crucial it is to be properly defended the first time. If convicted and tried again, certain crimes in Maryland mean mandatory minimum sentencing, some without the possibility of parole.

Even if you have already been convicted as a repeat offender, a third offense for certain drug crimes means a mandatory 25 years in prison without parole. There is no room at all for a judge to be lenient, and he or she will not treat you any differently. Seek appropriate defense counsel now by connecting with our Baltimore, MD criminal defense attorneys.

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To discuss your charges, and Maryland mandatory minimum sentences associated with those charges, contact our Ellicott City criminal lawyers now.

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