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Maryland Marijuana Laws

Marijuana Crime Defense Attorneys Maryland

maryland marijuana laws The state of Maryland has relaxed it’s marijuana laws in recent years but Maryland marijuana laws are still very serious. It is rare that someone is facing only a marijuana possession charge. Cops do not typically have reason to pull over, stop or search someone for weed, The drug charge is usually tied to something such as assault, DWI, DUI or a traffic offense. If you are facing any type of marijuana charge, even if you have a license to use marijuana medicinally please contact our Maryland drug crime lawyers.

Our Columbia marijuana possession defense attorneys offer free case reviews. They serve many areas of Maryland including Annapolis, Glen Burnie, Essex, Dundalk, Elkridge, Highland, Jessup, Columbia, Fort Meade and Ellicott City.

Maryland Marijuana Minimum Sentences

Crimes, penalties and sentencing are outlined in Maryland Code, Title 5, Subtitle 6, Part 1. While most marijuana crimes are misdemeanors you still face serious, and expensive, consequences. Even these misdemeanors can cost you your child custody status, your ability to get a job, find housing or purchase a firearm.

Penalties For Cannabis Possession In Maryland

Less than 10 grams: Fine only and the amount of the fine depends on what number offense it is. (Fine of up to $100 for a first offense, up to $250 for a second offense, and up to $500 for subsequent offenses.)

More than 10 grams and up to 50 pounds: Misdemeanor with 1 year in prison and/or $1,000 in fines.

Third-time offenders as well as those under 21 years of age will be required to undergo a clinical assessment for substance abuse disorder and a drug education program.

Do not face this situation alone. Let our Annapolis drug crime defense attorneys help you.

Maryland Laws Regarding The Sale Of Marijuana & Synthetic Marijuana

Less than 50 pounds: Felony with penalty of 5 yrs. and/or fine of $15,000.

More than 50 pounds: Felony with not less than 40 yrs.

Subsequent offenses: Penalties are multiplied by 2 with mandatory 2 years jail sentence.

Marijuana Trafficking: Prison term of 20-40 years with fine up to $1,000,000.00.

Please do not wait to contact our Clarksville MD drug crime attorneys to discuss how to defend these charges and ideally get them dropped or dismissed.

Marijuana Crime Convictions & Academic Status

One of the most common reasons for an arrest at the University or Maryland, Towson University, University of Baltimore and other MD universities is marijuana possession. The university may kick you out of school for any drug crime so it is imperative that you have a skilled criminal defense attorney in your corner for the criminal as well as the administrative aspect of your case. Do not wreck your college career due to a drug crime. Let our Maryland college student defense lawyers help you.

Maryland Marijuana DUI Laws

If you are caught driving under the influence of marijuana, alcohol, cocaine, crystal meth, heroin, prescription medications or over the counter meds that alter your mood you may be charged with DUI or DWI. Signs that you may be driving after smoking weed, or eating edibles, are glazed eyes, decreased reaction time, paranoia, marijuana smoke or the smell of weed in your vehicle and the officer seeing the drugs or drug paraphernalia in your vehicle. Please call our Baltimore marijuana DUI lawyers for a free case review.

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