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Maryland Methamphetamine Charges

Crystal Meth Laws In Maryland

methamphetamine laws marylandMethamphetamine is a type of street drug in the Annapolis, Baltimore and Washington D.C. areas. Per the Maryland Controlled Dangerous Substances Act meth and crystal meth are Schedule II drugs. This means they are highly addictive but also offer medical benefits. If caught being in possession, selling or manufacturing the drug you will face extremely severe legal consequences. The use of crystal methamphetamine crosses all race, gender and socio-economic barriers. Crystal meth is not typically a social drug in Maryland bars, beaches parties or schools. Its users normally live very odd, isolated lives due to the havoc the drug wreaks on the brain and human body. A habitual crystal meth user may be known as a tweaker. Methamphetamine is made from a combination of various poisons, cleaning agents and over the counter medications. Meth is typically concocted in someone’s home in what is known as a ‘meth lab’. Meth can be introduced into the body in several ways such as being smoked, snorted or injected.

If you have been arrested for being in possession of crystal meth, sale of methamphetamine, operating a meth lab  or meth trafficking you are facing very serious legal consequences if convicted. Please contact Columbia Maryland Crystal Methamphetamine Defense Lawyer Paul E. Mack if you are facing any type of methamphetamine charge in MD.

Mandatory Minimum Methamphetaimine Sentences

Being in possession of crystal methamphetamine in Maryland can be either a misdemeanor or a felony depending on the amount you are caught with. Being charged with selling or manufacturing crystal meth is a very serious offense in Delaware. Depending on your prior record you may be facing fines, fees, possible jail time/prison term and or mandatory drug diversion program enrollment and completion. A skilled University of Baltimore Crystal Meth Charge Defense Lawyer will attempt to obtain the most favorable outcome for you while making sure your rights are protected.

Let A Skilled Maryland Drug Charge Defense Attorney Help You

A drug crime conviction will severely impact your on many levels. These include your ability to get a job and your ability to further your academic career among other things. If you have been charged with illegally possessing or intending to deliver illegally obtained prescription drugs contact an Ellicott City, Maryland Controlled Substance Crime Defense Lawyer.

My office serves those accused of narcotics, illicit substances possession and controlled substance crimes throughout all of Maryland including the Annapolis, Baltimore, Columbia, Ellicott City, Essex, Fulton, Glen Burnie, Jessup, North Laurel, Scaggsville, Severna Park and Westminster areas.

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