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Probation Violations

Maryland Probation Violation Attorneys 

probation violations lawyer maryland If you are on probation for anything in Maryland you have a very strict set or rules and laws you must be adhere to. Probation is designed to help you get your life back on track and put your mistake behind you. Even a very minor misstep can result in a probation violation and that can result in many very severe consequences including having any dropped charges reinstated, jail or prison time, loss of driving privileges and more. Do not face this alone as you are not alone. Our Maryland criminal defense lawyers handling probation violations are here to help you.

Please click here to contact our Baltimore probation violation attorneys.

Types Of Probation Violations In Maryland

Maryland has 2 different kinds of probation violations: technical and new criminal violations. The former, technical violations, are common and will result in you spending some time in jail. This time frame can range from one day up to 45 or more days if you commit multiple technical violations. Our Annapolis probation violation attorneys may be able to help you avoid jail if you commit a technical violation.

Examples of technical violations are being late to probation meetings, skipping probation meetings, moving without telling your probation officer (P.O.), leaving town without permission and missing court ordered alcohol or drug counseling sessions. Failing to pay restitution and court costs can also result in a technical violation.

The 2nd form of Maryland probation violations are new criminal law violations. Meaning if you are on probation and arrested for something like DUI, assault, theft, a sex crime or anything, no matter how minor, all bets are off and you are looking at jail time and having probation lifted. You do not want this. You absolutely need the help of our Columbia, Maryland probation violation defense attorneys.

Probation Violation Attorneys Fighting For You

Please click here to speak with Clarksville Probation Violation Attorney Paul E. Mack. He has many years experience handling criminal, DUI and DWI charges in Maryland. This includes probation violations. Let him fight to protect your rights and obtain the best possible outcome for you.

Serving those on probation and those facing criminal charges in many areas of MD. This includes Annapolis, Baltimore, Columbia, Scaggsville, Essex, Dundalk, Ellicott City, Jessup, Westminster, Glen Burnie and Elkridge.

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