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Sex Crimes

Maryland Sex Offense Attorneys 

sex crimes lawyer marylandBeing accused of a sex crime is absolutely devastating to anyone in Maryland. The mere allegation of a sexual assault results in severe consequences and repercussions such as lifetime sex offender registration. Sex crimes, more so than any other crime, frequently involve little of no corroborating evidence such as DNA, eyewitness accounts or other forensic evidence. And yet, despite this lack of evidence, sex crimes defendants often feel like they are guilty until proven innocent instead of the other way around.

If you are facing sex crime charges, you should definitely have a skilled, aggressive attorney on your side. Our Maryland sex crime lawyers have experience handling all types of sex crimes in Maryland including:


Date rape

Child molestation

False accusations of child molestation

Felony sex offenses

Internet sex crimes

Juvenile sex crimes

Misdemeanor sex crimes

Possession, production and distribution of child pornography

Victimless sex offenses

The proper representation with a charged sex crime involves careful preparation and an aggressive defense. A client should have an Annapolis, Maryland sex crime attorney with the resources and experience to mount the kind of defense that can prevent a final prosecution or defeat the case at trial. As your attorneys we am prepared to aggressively investigate your case as soon as the accusation is made.

Please contact our Columbia, Maryland sex crime attorneys. They offer free consultations to those facing criminal charges in Maryland.

Our Baltimore, Maryland sex crime attorneys serve all of Maryland including the Annapolis, Baltimore, Columbia, Ellicott City,Fort Meade, Jessup,

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