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Paul E. Mack, Attorney at Law

Prior to re-starting my own Firm, I was a Partner at Amos, Muffoletto & Mack, LLC (AMM) in Ellicott City, Maryland.  I handled a variety of criminal, serious traffic, regular traffic and juvenile cases. Every case was important to me. I took pride in handling minor traffic tickets, such as speeding and reckless driving citations, up to serious felonies in the Circuit Courts throughout the State. I also handled numerous personal injury cases such as automobile, motorcycle, and bicycle accidents, as well as several food poisoning cases. I was fortunate to recoup numerous policy limits offers during my time at AMM.

I began my legal career by starting my own firm immediately after Law School in 1996. I was extremely fortunate to be Of Counsel to Lynn A. Lubitz, P.A. from 1996 until Lynn and I both joined Hodes, Ulman, Pessin & Katz, P.A. in 2001, where I was employed in the civil litigation and criminal departments for a period of 4 years and eventually attaining Member status.

After leaving Hodes, I was one of the founding Partners of Shapiro & Mack, P.A. in Columbia Maryland, which was formed in 2005.  During my tenure at this Firm, I represented individuals in a wide variety of criminal, traffic and juvenile cases ranging from minor traffic tickets to manslaughter and murder cases.

Throughout my legal career, I have handled over 3,000 DUI/DWI cases Statewide in either District/Circuit Court, and/or administratively at the Office of Administrative Hearings. I have handled a variety of high profile cases, including most notably, representing Michael Phelps. I have also represented several former National Basketball Association players. Having tried numerous District Court and Circuit Court jury trials, I have repeatedly achieved favorable results and acquittals for my clients which has earned me the respect of my peers and the Bench.

I proudly joined Amos, Muffoletto & Mack, LLC on April 1, 2016 by joining its predecessor Amos & Muffoletto, LLC.   In addition to my reputation as being a zealous advocate for my clients, I pride myself in preparation and being accessible to my clients as well. I provide my cell number to all of my clients willingly.

I concentrate my practice in the areas of Criminal Defense, Personal Injury and Juvenile Defense, and I would greatly appreciate the opportunity to assist you with your legal matter.

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