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DUI Defense

DUI Attorney In Maryland

DUI DefenseAfter you’ve been arrested for a DUI or DWI charge in Maryland, there’s no changing what happened. The important thing now is what you do to address the matter. A veteran DUI attorney with experience trying impaired driving cases can help you prove innocence or shield you from Maryland’s harsher penalties.

Paul E. Mack has handled more than 3,000 DWI cases in the state of Maryland, at District and Circuit Courts, and through the MVA Office of Administrative Hearings. Notably, he has represented many high-profile clients, including, swimmer, Michael Phelps and various NBA players.

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Maryland Drunk Driving Statistics

Studies conducted by the 2018 Maryland Highway Safety Plan, showed that from 2011 to 2015, impaired driving caused:

  • One third (1/3) of all fatal crashes. 
  • Accounted for ten percent (10%) of all Maryland auto accidents.
  • Nearly one in ten (1/10th) accidents due to DUI resulted in injuries. 
  • One in fifty (2%) DUI accidents resulted in wrongful death.
  • Fifty six percent (56%) of these crashes happen between 8pm and 4am. 58% of fatal crashes occur during this same time span.
  • Almost seventy percent (70%) of MD drunk driving accidents were caused by male drivers.
  • Forty four percent (44%) of crashes involve individuals between the ages of 21-34.
  • In cases of fatal DUI accidents, seventy two percent (72%) of drivers and seventy seven percent (77%) of passengers weren’t wearing seat belts.

These Maryland DUI and DWI facts are staggering and it is plain to see why MD DUI accidents are so strict. Let our Fort Meade DUI lawyers protect your rights and ideally get your pending DUI or DWI charges dropped. 

Do I Need a Lawyer to Fight DUI Charges in Maryland?

Legally no. Is it wise to have one? Yes. A Howard County, Maryland impaired driving charge can be extremely expensive and complicated. Besides the criminal fines, you could have to pay for court costs, monthly fees for an ignition interlock, alcohol treatment center costs, and other “hidden” expenses. Given the penalties and the years of problems that a DUI record will bring, it’s always worth hiring an experienced MD DUI defense attorney.

There are many situations where a DUI can be successfully defended in court, especially if there was an improper breath test or police misconduct. Refusal to submit to a sobriety test does not necessarily mean guilt. Paul E. Mack will discuss your specific case details with you to explore avenues for beating the charges if possible.

Besides being found not guilty, other favorable outcomes for a DUI may include:

  • Pleading to a lesser charge of reckless driving aka wet reckless aka reckless driving alcohol related
  • Probation instead of jail time
  • Reduced fines
  • Maintaining your driver’s license and avoid driver’s license suspension

What Are The Maryland DWI Laws?

Maryland law defines a DWI as driving with a blood alcohol content of .08 or greater. If you tested between .04 and .08, you could face a lesser DWI charge.

Drivers under 21 should not have any alcohol in their system, so a BAC of just .02 can result in DUI charges. Commercial drivers are also held to a stricter limit of .04 BAC.

A first-offense DWI in Maryland carries potential jail time of up to 1 year and a fine of up to $1,000.  Second and subsequent offenses come with additional jail time and fines.

Since 2016, all drivers convicted of a DWI in Maryland must get an ignition interlock device installed on their vehicle. This means your car has a breathalyzer test that you must pass to start the car. Failures can result in your license being revoked, a probation violation, and full exposure to the sentencing that probation replaced.

Maryland Aggravated DUI Laws & Enhanced Penalties

In the state of Maryland certain factors will lead to much more serious penalties in DUI and DWI cases. These can include driving drunk in a school zone, having a child in the vehicle at time of DUI or DWI arrest, prior impaired driving cases (even if plead down to wet reckless), having drugs in the vehicle, a DUI accident resulting in property damage, injury or death and having an illegally obtained firearm in vehicle. 

Also, your blood alcohol content (BAC) will impact any possible plea options and what penalties, loss of driving privileges and jail sentences you may face. The higher your BAC the less options you have. Do not attempt to represent yourself and do not ignore this thinking it will go away. It will not. Contact our Glen Burnie DUI lawyers now. 

Why Hire DUI Lawyer Paul E. Mack?

Paul E. Mack has handled criminal law, including all kinds of drunk driving and traffic violations, for more than 20 years. He knows the laws and what to expect from the judicial process, to make a good defense for your individual case.

You can count on Paul E. Mack as your legal defense because he is:

  • Experienced with more than 3,000 DUI cases handled in Howard County, and throughout Maryland
  • Diligent at fighting for his clients, even in the toughest cases
  • Dedicated to defending your legal rights throughout the process
  • Respected by judges and prosecutors as a fair and honest defense attorney

Jurisdictions Where Paul Mack Practices

Conveniently located in Clarksville, MD, Paul Mack is just a phone call away to handle your legal case. Contact Ellicott City, MD DUI Defense Lawyer Paul E. Mack if you need an attorney in any of the following counties:

  • Anne Arundel County
  • Baltimore City
  • Baltimore County
  • Carroll County
  • Frederick County
  • Howard County: ClarksvilleEllicott City, Columbia
  • Montgomery County
  • Prince George’s County
  • Worcester County

Contact A DUI Defense Lawyer in Maryland Today

Don’t let your DUI or DWI charge become a losing battle. Paul E. Mack will adamantly fight for you in Howard County and surrounding counties in Maryland.

Contact our office today or call 443-288-6383 to request a consultation to speak with an Annapolis DUI defense lawyer.

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