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Vandalism & Juvenile Defense Attorney in Maryland

Vandalism Attorney in MarylandAll it takes is one property owner calling the police for youthful hijinks to cross over into the territory of vandalism. Your child might very well be innocent, or perhaps simply caught up with a bad influence. Dealing with the Police Department probably taught the lesson already, but the juvenile courts of Maryland are now involved and may impose harsh consequences.

Paul E. Mack has protected youthful offenders in Maryland for more than 20 years. He is fluent in juvenile delinquency laws and respected as a defense attorney in Howard County and throughout the State. Mr. Mack can help you and your family move forward with a clean slate.

To discuss vandalism charges with an experienced juvenile defense attorney, please call (443) 288-6383 or contact us online to schedule a consultation.

Juvenile Vandalism Charges in Maryland

Maryland criminal law defines vandalism as the malicious destruction or defacement of property, with categories for damage of less than or more than $1,000. For those age 18 or older, the penalties include jail time, fines, restitution, and community service.

Minors under 18 years old are sent through the juvenile justice system instead. The offender or his/her parents may be forced to pay thousands of dollars  in restitution. In most cases, the court also places the child on probation or commits the child to juvenile detention for rehabilitation.

Should You Hire a Vandalism Lawyer for Juvenile Court?

Juvenile vandalism charges in Maryland can be daunting. Missed school time, a juvenile record, and the psychological toll of feeling like a criminal can lead a young person further astray. As much as fines or probation, the loss of a driver's license or college scholarship can be devastating.

It’s better to avoid the hassle of probation and the unnecessary costs and aggravation of juvenile vandalism charges. An attorney helps position your case in the best light, and Paul E. Mack knows how to significantly improve your changes of getting the case dismissed.

Paul E. Mack, Juvenile Defense Lawyer for Vandalism

An experienced juvenile defense attorney can collect the evidence and muster witness testimony to prove your child’s innocence. There are many reasons a youth might be blamed for vandalism without cause. The property owner saw your child before or after the incident, but did not see it happen. A “friend” committed the act and your child felt peer pressure to stand by.

Paul E. Mack defends juvenile vandalism cases with the full rigorousness of a criminal defense attorney. During the adjudication trial, Mr. Mack presents a solidly formed case for innocence. Mr. Mack excels at working with young people to understand their rights, and fights for those rights diligently.

Ask Paul E. Mack for Vandalism Legal Advice

To protect your child from the grim consequences of the juvenile delinquency courts, trust your case to Paul E. Mack, Attorney at Law, to fight vehemently for your best interests.

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Jurisdictions Where Paul E. Mack Practices

Conveniently located in Clarksville, MD, Paul Mack is just a phone call away to handle your legal case. Contact Paul E. Mack, Attorney at Law if you need an attorney in any of the following counties:

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  • And more!

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