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DUI Attorney in Columbia, Maryland

DUI Attorney in Columbia, MarylandAn arrest for driving while intoxicated is often a drawn-out process that can affect your life for years to come. In Columbia, MD, a DUI or DWI conviction involves more consequences beyond potential jail time and fines.

Paul E. Mack can help get the charges reduced or dismissed entirely as your DWI lawyer in Columbia. He has defended thousands of drunk driving cases in Maryland. He represents clients in Columbia with first-time offenses or more than one DWI, as well as criminal cases involving injuries or fatalities. No matter the circumstances, Paul E. Mack fights tirelessly on your behalf.

Speak with a DUI attorney in Columbia as soon as possible for qualified legal representation. Call 443-288-6383 or request a consultation with Paul E. Mack, your DUI lawyer in Columbia, Maryland.

What Happens After an Alleged DUI Incident?

Following the suspected drunk driving incident, you can expect a series of court appearances. Having a DUI lawyer with you are advised at every step.

If you must appear for arraignment before you have a lawyer, plead not guilty and find a defense attorney in Columbia, MD as soon as possible.

Paul E. Mack will review the facts with you and obtain all evidence collected by police and prosecutors. From there, we can take action to reinstate your driver's license and appear on your behalf if necessary.

Some DUI/DWI cases in Columbia go to a jury trial, but many conclude with a plea bargain, dismissal, or not guilty verdict. The most important action you can take is hiring an experienced lawyer like Paul E. Mack as soon as possible who will advise you throughout each step of the process.

Columbia Lawyer for DUI Defense

Regardless of the details of your DUI arrest and accusation, you can fight your DUI in Columbia with the help of a well-seasoned defense lawyer. Paul E. Mack may be able to get a DUI charge lowered to a lesser DWI or reckless driving charge. Each and every DUI case is different and having an experienced attorney on your side will help you handle driver's license restriction or suspension, and other consequences of the charge.

Paul E. Mack Jurisdictions

Paul E. Mack, Attorney at Law is located in Clarksville, MD. Contact us if you need an attorney in any of the following counties:

  • Anne Arundel County
  • Baltimore City
  • Baltimore County
  • Carroll County
  • Frederick County
  • Howard County
  • Montgomery County
  • Prince George's County
  • Worcester County
  • And more!

 DUI Lawyer in Columbia, MD

Strengthen your legal defense with help from Paul E. Mack, a reputable criminal defense attorney in Columbia and Howard County. He will put together a solid case to prove your innocence or reduce the penalties for a DUI charge in Maryland.

Contact us online or call our office at 443-288-6383 to set up a consultation with Paul E. Mack as your DUI attorney in Columbia, MD.

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