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Illegal Search And Seizure

Maryland Search And Seizure Laws

illegal search and seizure laws marylandAccording to the Fourth Amendment of the United States Constitution you are protected from illegal search and seizure by cops, police officers, Maryland State Troopers, public safety officers and all other law enforcement officials. If appropriate laws and procedures were not adhered to when your case goes to court our Maryland illegal search and seizure attorneys may be able to get your case dismissed and charges dropped. For a free case review with out MD criminal defense team please click here.

Baltimore Maryland Criminal Attorney Paul E. Mack serves all of Central Maryland including Annapolis, Bamtimore, Columbia, Ellicott City, Elkridge (Elk Ridge), Scaggsville, North Laurel, Fort Meade and Jessup, MD.

Maryland Probable Cause Laws & Illegal Search & Seizure

In Maryland if you are suspected of having committed a crime or being in possession of contraband (drugs, weapons, hostages, etc.) the officer may have probable cause to search you, your vehicle, your property, etc. If they did not have probable cause then anything they found during the search may be deemed inadmissible.

Please contact our Essex, Maryland defense lawyers to discuss your case. You have Constitutional rights that need to be protected.

Situations Commonly Leading To Illegal Search & Seizure

Any interaction with law enforcement can lead to an illegal search and seizure. These can be routine traffic stops, DUI checkpoints, DWI roadblocks, having the cops called due to assault, drug activity, theft, property crimes and sex offenses.

Can Cops Search You Without A Warrant?

In some cases they can if:

  1. They had legitimate probable cause to search you thinking they would find evidence you committed a crime
  2. The circumstances surrounding the search was justified despite the court not having issues a warrant

An extreme example is someone reporting a stabbing to authorities and the cops find you several blocks away with blood on your clothes, a knife in your vehicle, etc.

How To Beat Maryland Criminal Charges And DUI Charges

If your Constitutional rights were violated you may be able to get your charges dropped regardless of anything else surrounding your case. Examples are if your Miranda Rights were not read to you or the cops did not have legitimate reason to perform a search of you, your property or your vehicle. These are 2 ways we can help you beat your charges and get them dropped or dismissed,

Call Our Maryland Illegal Search & Seizure Attorneys

Please let our legal team protect your rights. They offer free case reviews and will explain all options to you. They proudly serve all of Central Maryland including Annapolis, Baltimore, Glen Burnie, Severna Park, Elkridge, BWI Airport, Essex, Clarkcville, Columbia, Ellicott City, Scaggsville and Jessup, MD.







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